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Giving your chinchilla toys is an essential part of raising your pet and keeping it healthy. Chinchillas are very good climbers and your chinchilla cage should consist of ladders and branches so that your pet can climb to their heart’s content.

Keeping your pet healthy does not only mean giving your chinchilla food, but also keeping them well exercised and entertained. Chinchillas need to have a toy or some wood to chew on in order to keep their teeth in a healthy condition. Their teeth grow their whole lives and should thus be kept short by chewing on various things. Under no circumstances should you give your pet wood which has been varnished or painted. Evergreen tree branches are also not recommended. The wood must be untreated. You can find suitable chew toys in the rodent section of your local pet shop.

Most chinchillas love to play on wheels and thus a chinchilla wheel is an excellent choice of the many chinchilla toys available. These wheels should preferably have solid platforms and should be big, at least 30cm. You can also use large enclosed balls for them to play in outside and run around in. Be sure to only let them play in these for short periods of time as these balls get quite hot and this will become uncomfortable and detrimental to your chinchilla’s health. You can also get your chinchilla a twig ball or something similar whi9ch they can play with as well as gnaw away at.

Chinchillas like their privacy and it is essential that you have a hiding place for them. These can be PVC pipes that make perfect chinchilla toys as well as forming an ideal hiding place. You can use cardboard boxes for this purpose as well but be advised that your chinchilla might chew it, so it would not be a permanent solution as a hiding place. A grassy hutch would be better.

Caring for a chinchilla is just as time consuming as caring for a baby. You should be sure to first “chinchilla proof” a room before you allow them to explore the area outside of their cage – if you plan on letting them out from time to time. Chinchillas are very curious pets and will most probably bite into anything in the room outside the cage so you should therefore make sure that there is nothing that could be dangerous or toxic for your pet.

So when choosing your toys, always make sure to check that any wooden toys use untreated wood, and not varnished wood. Avoid plastic toys with chewable edges on them too as if your pet can chew away pieces of plastic the toy could become dangerous if any sharp edges form, and the chewed away piece can be dangerous if ingested. As you can see, there are plenty of chinchilla toys on the market to keep your pet, happy, healthy and entertained.

Chinchilla Wheels – The Benefits & How To Select A Chinchilla Wheel

When you consider buying a chinchilla wheel you have to take into account the different types and sizes that are available for purchase. Chinchillas are extremely active animals, and as such chinchilla wheels will be amongst a pet store’s essential chinchilla supplies.

The exercise that your pet will receive through running on the wheel is extremely beneficial for their health and they truly enjoy running on these wheels at all hours of the day. Chinchilla wheels are generally larger than the average hamster exercise wheel and when selecting one you have to consider its durability compared to its price.

For durability’s sake, it is better to buy a chinchilla wheel that is made of metal rather than a normal plastic wheel. There are many types of plastic and metal wheels available for purchase. Amongst the best plastic wheels are:

Solid Round Plastic Wheel. This exercise wheel is a great alternative if you have to go for cheaper options. It is very strong and since it is solid, your chinchilla will not be able to hurt itself easily by getting its feet stuck in the wheel or falling off’ the wheel.

Plastic Flying Saucer Wheel. The Plastic flying saucer can be quite difficult to master in the beginning for the chinchilla, and this may discourage them from trying to run on it. They differ from the traditional vertical wheel in that they are shaped like a dish. The dish is propped up by a base and it is propped up at a vertical angle. So there is a bit more technique to master than with a traditional vertical wheel as your pet has to learn not to fall off. However, your pet should soon be able to master the technique. It is a very interesting way for your pet to exercise. Certain designs don’t allow it to attach to the cage, and this can make it even more difficult for the chinchilla to run on the wheel with confidence.

As mentioned earlier, the metal wheels are usually more durable and practical than the plastic variety. They are also safer, as chinchillas like to chew, and it could be dangerous if your pet was able to chew away plastic from his or her toys. Amongst the better metal wheels are the following options:

Metal Drum Wheel. The metal drum wheel is a very interesting design that incorporates the design of normal round wheels and flying saucer wheels. This wheel is very durable and a great way for your chinchilla to exercise.

Metal Flying Saucer Wheel. The metal flying saucer wheel has some of the same hindrances the plastic sort has; however, since this model usually has ways of attaching to the cage, your chinchilla should have less of a problem navigating his way onto it. It is a great piece of equipment on which the chinchilla runs and will be great fun for your pet.

After reading through this article you will realize that there are many factors that influence the decision on which chinchilla wheel to buy, however, it is clear that there should be no question on whether you should buy a wheel or not, as it is an essential part of a chinchilla cage.

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Chinchilla Cages Toys extendes you a warm welcome. Chinchillas are so cool! Please take a look around, we have information on chinchillas and cages for chinchillas – one of the best things you can do for your chinchilla is to get it a decent cage to move around and exercise in. Speaking of exercise, for exercise and entertainment, your chinchilla needs toys, so we have information and links to where you can buy chinchilla toys.

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