Essential Chinchilla Supplies To Purchase After Buying A Cage

So you have bought your chinchilla cage, but now don’t know which chinchilla supplies you will need? When looking at the essential supplies for your pet chinchilla, you have to consider its health supplies and its nutritional supplies as well as its entertainment and toys.

With regard to health supplies you have to consider the necessary cleaning supplies as well as the sand box. A chinchilla cleans itself in special chinchilla dust, which is a type of fine volcanic ash. Thus your chinchilla bath will have to be a special box filled with chinchilla dust for your chinchilla in which it can clean itself. Other essential health supplies include ear solution, with which you can clean out your chinchillas’ ears, as well as chew blocks and sticks which the chinchilla needs not just for entertainment, but also to keep its teeth at the right size to prevent them overgrowing.

Chinchillas do not eat a lot, and as such you will only have to buy a small amount of special chinchilla food. As a treat you can also buy donut dunks, cookies, flavoured chips as well as grainola bars, all made specifically for chinchillas – not human ones. These supplies are available from most pet shops, breeders and many online shops that specialize in pet food and treats. A simple search with your favourite web browser will give you the details of many suppliers of chinchilla food and treats in your area.

Chinchillas are very active animals, and need toys to keep themselves fit, healthy and busy. There are many different types of toys available for chinchillas and we will discuss a few of these essential chinchilla supplies.

One of the most important and essential toys you need to buy your chinchilla is also essential for its health. Due to the fact that their teeth keep on growing, they need a good chew toy to stave this process. There are different types of chews available, certain ones double as treats, and others are made from permanent materials that lasts a lot longer like mineral blocks, which may or may not be flavored.

Other chinchilla supplies that will give your chinchilla hours of fun and excitement are: climbing equipment such as ladders and platforms; an exercise wheel and hiding areas where your chinchilla can keep out of the light, or just play a game of hide and seek.

We can see that it is very important to keep your chinchilla active, fed and healthy. In order to do this you will need to ensure that you have the right chinchilla supplies to keep your pet strong, happy and healthy.

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