Chinchilla Food And Chinchilla Treats – The Best Ones To Feed Your Pet

There are different choices available when choosing which Chinchilla Food you want to feed your pet. Specially formulated chinchilla pellets are available on the market which have been specially designed according to a chinchilla’s diet. Fresh food is also an option but should be monitored closely as chinchillas have a habit of picking out that which they like best and not eating the rest.

Fresh water and hay is recommended along with the pellets. While you should never use water in a chinchilla bath because wetting their fur can be fatal (they clean themselves with chinchilla dust or sand) they do need a fresh supply of drinking water. Fresh hay is also recommended, as it is a necessary part of their diet and it helps keep their teeth in a good condition.

Your chinchilla food and water should be kept in separate containers and should ideally be kept in containers which your pet can not soil or mess in. Keeping your chinchilla cage clean and neat would also be easier if the food and water containers are fastened to the cage and can thus not be pushed around or upended by your chinchilla.

There are of course many kinds of treats that you can feed your chinchilla. Fruits and vegetables can be given as treats but all treats should be given sparingly. As with people, treats are not always healthy for a chinchilla. However some treats are a necessary part of their diet. Seeds and nuts should always be monitored very carefully as they are rich in fat and oil.

When giving your chinchilla food, you should always keep a close eye on what your pet eats, so that you know what nutrient they might not obtain because of their picky eating habits. Some fruits have very high percentage sugar content and this can cause some problems with your chinchillas. You should always check the sugar and fiber content of any treat you give your pet. Bananas have a lower percentage of sugar (per 100g) and can thus be given in larger quantities than raisins – which have high sugar content.

Chinchillas have very sensitive digestive systems and any changes in their diets should be done gradually to lessen the risk of digestive problems. Introduce any new foods by adding them in small quantities to their existing diets and if necessary, lessen the amount of food of that which you wish to take out of their diets.

New treats should also be introduced slowly and sparingly. If you only got your new chinchilla recently and do not know which food or treats form part of their diet, it is best to start giving your chinchilla food sparingly and slowly.

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