Large Chinchilla Cages

Large Chinchilla Cages

Midwest Critter Nation with Stand
The Midwest Critter Nation with Stand Cage is one of the most popular large chinchilla cages on the market. Measuring 36 by 24 by 63 inches, it features sturdy 1/2 wide horizontally running wire – allowing your pet to climb freely and easily, a wide expanse shelf and a stand with locking castors.

It also comes with 2 pans, 2 shelves and 3 ramps of which the ramps are appropriately angled for your pets amusement and exercise. You can also swing these ramps up and securely lock them, to separate your chinchillas should you need to feed and care for them separately. It also has convenient points for attaching accessories like hammocks, tubes, and toys.

Chinchilla CagesIt has double full width doors so you can easily access and clean the cage. The cage also features a maneuverable stand with locking casters to raise the cage to a convenient height, and also provides a storage area below. If this doesn’t sound convincing enough, then you can check out the Amazon customer reviews of this fantastic cage. It is one of the leading cages for chinchillas on the market. A smaller 36 x 24 x 39 inch option is also available for people on a tighter budget.

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Large Chinchilla Cages – Feisty Ferret Cage

Feisty Ferret Cage
Another great chin cage. A nice tall cage, measuring 31 x 20 by 54 inches, meaning lots of space for our chinchilla to keep busy and well exercised. Features 2 main levels with easy to clean metal coated wire body and floors. With 2 large front doors giving you easy access to the inside of the cage for cleaning.

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Looking for chin cages in the UK? Unfortunately this is more tricky at the moment as the chinchilla pet cages market is not as great as the US, so fewer pet stores retail them. Some people will consider bird cages if they cannot find a large rodent cage. Try the following Amazon link: Amazon UK

There are two things recommended for chinchilla owners to consider when getting ready to to look at large chinchilla cages, looking to buy a cage for their pet.

  1. Cages for chinchillas should be large. Chinchillas like to roam around, and they also like to jump. Therefore, to ensure your pet is happy and can get the exercise it needs, buy a large cage.It should be as large a cage as possible, as well as having decent floor space, ramps, shelves and chinchilla wheel, it should also be high, like a parrot cage, to allow for your pet’s need to jump and climb around. Ferret cages tend to fit the required dimensions perfectly, so ferret cages are also great cages for chinchillas.Some people may choose to purchase a parrot cage instead, although as the nature of these type of cages are designed for a large bird rather than a smaller rodent, parrot cages may not make a suitable cage for chins.
  2. To help with chinchilla care, avoid plastics. Any chewable plastic in the cage – toys, accessories, even plastic cage frame coating is a potential health hazard to chinchillas should they chew off and swallow any of the plastic.A cage with a plastic tray is okay unless it has some odd design that would enable your chinchilla to chew at it. However bear in mind that you do need to be thorough when cleaning plastics to avoid bacteria growth in unclean areas – particularly any corner edges. Large metal cages are best. Avoid plastic frame or plastic coated cages.

Choosing from a variety of large chinchilla cages should now be easier.